Microsoft FUD and Lies in Person

Literally as I was hitting the enter button on my last post, my boss came over and asked me to go "upstairs" with him and sit in on a Web Services presentation given by Microsoft. The architect on the project wasn't around, so I got picked. "Uh... sure, I'll go."

The presenter was amazingly clueless and deceitful like a lawyer. At one point he said that all .Net applications are compiled unlike that Java stuff. I perked up and said "excuse me? Are you saying that the .Net apps aren't intepreted at runtime?" No, it's all running natively, he said. I wanted to physically attack the guy. I actually wrote the words down on paper, "Do not say anything more. Do not kill." (A link checking my facts... when you get lied to that bald-facedly you start to doubt yourself. Asshole).

There were some other hum-dingers too including .Net's 100% Java support and mentioning the Petstore report. I couldn't believe I was sitting there in this presentation. It was like the 3rd level of hell.

Did I miss something this morning and wake up in purgatory?


Later... reading my comments. Neither Java nor .Net is "interpreted" at runtime, I should have chosen my words better. The guy was talking about PREcompiled .Net executables and how they were faster than Java as a result and I was sputtering. I'm actually still at a loss for words... what's it called when you compile bytecode/MSIL? Compiling also?

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