RDF Redux

Pattrick Chanezon responded to my question about RDF:

I've been looking at RDF since 1999, when trying to setup the server side architecture at Netcenter for Netscape Sidebar, and I agree that it has not taken off yet.

I think it's because Tim Berners Lee's plan for the Semweb is very ambitious and there needs to be a lot of infrastructure and normative stuff ironed out before we see reral interesting applications.

It may, now that the ontology wars are over. Read the recent Ontology Building: A Survey of Editing Tools by Michael Denny.

But I don't completely agree with the lack of applications.

it has been used in a very interesting way in Mozilla, where it serves as the base infrastructure for a lot of components: read Resource Description Framework (RDF)

And the W3C RDF page lists a few applications, the most interesting of which I found to be RDFPic

Very interesting. I can't believe how recent that Ontology article is... it must be something in the air...

I got a couple interesting comments too, Dave said that most aggregators don't really use RDF and I can see that. But Dan Sickles JUST responded to remind me how much Mozilla uses RDF. I had forgotten about that completely and as I am use Moz daily, I'd say that counts big.

I'm going through the ontology article now... thanks Patrick!


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