Sssshhh! Don't tell anybody!

It's a secret only for those on the mailing list, but if you promise not to tell anyone, here's the link to download the pre-alpha version of Spaces, the Chandler killer written in Java.

I'm now downloading Java 1.4.1_01 to install in order to use it. I haven't had much luck with Java 1.4 just yet, we'll see how this version fares. Hopefully it'll be the last time I need to install 1.4, every time I've done it in the past year I've had to rip it out again to install 1.3 because something or other that I needed broke.


Later... DOH! I got caught. Darn these blogs! What are you doing up so late anyways, Diego?!? He asked me to tell everyone that if you have any problems with the install, please use the mailing list.

And to all those who doubted, Spaces is 100% Not Vapor. (It's definitely Alpha, but it's not vapor.) Great job DIEGO! You get to use the quote:

"Real artists ship."

Developing real GUIs must be a major pain... there's just so many contexts to have to worry about. So many places where you can click and expect stuff and as a developer you have to worry about it... People, in my humble opinion, have been given too many options in normal UIs. Browsers which limit those options are actually better. My mom can use a browser: Home Page, links, Back, Forward, Favorites, Forms, Address bar. Period. But she normally has trouble with regular UIs which have a different way of doing things for each screen, pop-up box, etc.

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