What did I say?

Megnut's discovering that Paris is cold:

For those wondering about the weather: it's wintery. For the first five days it was rainy but warmish, with spots of sun and an autumnal scent in the air. But then it abruptly changed two days ago and winter is upon us. I could see my breath when we exited the apartment yesterday and I'm thinking I might need to buy some gloves. Heat lamps are a must when sitting at the outdoor caf�s, even if only to down a quick chocolate chaud or express.

I think I mentioned that. ;-)

Meg continues about life in France. Some of it sounds very familiar expat stuff except for the food part. I'm not a huge fan of Spanish food, but man, I've never had a bad meal in France. Seriously, they have amazing food there. She seems to be doing pretty well with the language and claims proficiency in Spanish too. Nice. Makes me want to pack up and head to another country again. The first bit's the best and then you sort of acclimate yourself and it's just like being at home (then once in a while you'll "pop-out" of your surroundings and realize, shit, I'm not speaking ENGLISH! Then it goes away again.)

I was actually exchanging emails with Ugo earlier today about my fondness for Italy...


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