Check out iBlog

I just saw this link to a new blogging tool called iBlog by Lifli software. I can't actually check it out, since it's for Mac, but the screen shots are pretty.


I seriously need to get off my ass this weekend and work on my project or it'll be old news if it ever gets done. (85,000 lines of code in Spaces, by the way. Holy crap, I've got some catching up to do.)

This reminds me - the other day when I saw Microsoft's xDocs news, I thought that "iDocs" is a good name too. If you think about the paradigm (second time in 3 posts I've used that word, no more I promise) that things like RSS/RDF and iCal are showing us, this would be a great name for a product that manages these "internet documents." Any document - dynamic or not - that is on a shared web server and consumed by client applications could be called an iDoc. I'm probably not inventing any new thought here... but HTML is obviously the first iDoc, but now we're seeing others like RSS and iCal become used. What next?

I'm calling my "big project" something different, by the way, I don't have the "cajones" to call my app something as grandiose as iDoc.


Later... Duh! I forgot OPML docs are iDocs too (thanks to a hint on my comments from Dave).

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