What's so bad about Microsoft?

I love it.

I just ran across a link on Pete's Rasterweb to a detailed summary of why Microsoft is so bad. Wonderful, you can even download a PDF here. Some highlights:

What's So Bad About Microsoft? From a Software User's Perspective

From a Technical Perspective

From the Perspective of Everybody Else

Common Defenses of Microsoft Debunked


The examples of Microsoft's outright deception are numerous and well documented. Everybody should be very concerned about this regardless of whether or not you think it directly affects you because it does affect you. Allowing Microsoft to get away with fudging its way to the top only encourages every other company in existence to do the same while discouraging companies from giving you the whole truth that you need in order to make informed decisions as a consumer and that you have a right to as a member of a civilized society.


Some of it is a bit old, but it's all good. ;-) Lots of good links. Going to have to commit some of this to memory.


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