NewsMonster Lives


I'm not sure how I missed it, but Kevin Burton actually published his NewsMonster aggregator a few days ago.

NewsMonster Preview Release

I am pleased to announce the availability of a NewsMonster "preview." The goals of this release are to test portability, obtain feedback from users, and start building a user community around the software.

Awesome stuff! What it looks like Kevin has done is take his server-based Reptile aggregator and made it run locally, which is very cool. I can't test it at work right now due to the Great MS Firewall of Death which it doesn't support right now, but I like everything Kevin's done with this app. He's using JNLP to distrbute the app, it runs locally but its main UI is via the web browser. Very nice. I have NO idea what the license of the app will be, but since Reptile is dual licensed GPL/BSD I assume this will be too.

I think the dual license thing, by the way, is awesome. I don't like restricting use of my code, but I fully support the idea of GPL which is the basis for amazing projects like Linux. Making a dual license is very neat, I'll have to look into it... I don't know why I didn't think of it before.


Later... DOH! I thought my Mozilla problems were unique so I didn't mention them, but they've bitten Dominic and Lance, so I guess it's not me. Download just the Java app and don't touch the Moz install yet! It's not ready for prime time... -R

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