How NOT to launch an OSS Project

I got this note from Lance in my comments, and after some confirmation, it looks like his experience isn't unique:

In response to: NewsMonster Lives

I tried installing NewsMonster, but it must have failed somewhere (did the Mozilla install). I also tried the Java install. Neither works, and now I get weird "cannot find a file" messages everytime I open a windo in Moz (like when I came to enter this comment).

I tried subscribing to the NewsMonster mailing list to look for help (as in, uninstalling the non-existant plugin), but that failed ... User unknown. And Kevin hasn't got a mailing list archive running on peerfear either. I'm screwed. Guess I could uninstall Moz and reinstall, but what a pain.

Posted by Lance

Urgh! Kevin! NewsMonster looks good! Get it together!


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