Oracle Stuff

With the OracleWorld convention going on, there's bound to be news and announcments:

Oracle Joins Eclipse is interesting. They say they're still dedicated to jDev, but they want to support those developers who are going to use Eclipse anyway. Interesting thinking... Sun should see the world like that.

Here's a link to Oracle's Java Center.

Also Jeremy Zawodny is looking for OracleWorld Bloggers and mentions the /. story:

OracleWorld Bloggage

A few folks on O'Reilly Net are talking about OracleWorld. But that's all I've found so far. Jonathan Gennick and Derrick Story

Well, there was this /. story too.

I'm really liking how Oracle is utilizing OSS in it's ongoing struggles against the Borg. I'd rather hang out with Bill than Larry any day of the week, but as a company, I say Go Oracle!


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