Getting my fix at Meercat

Man, I'm loving O'Reilly's Meercat. I've been avoiding the aggregators as incentive to make my own, but sometimes I start jonesing for new news and so I've been hitting Meercat lately for my fix. I just hit "1 Day" and start paging through the day's 1000 or so feeds.

Here's tonight's crop of random goodies: Is Nintendo's Future Online? Neato... Nintendo's patenting Massively Multiplayer game stuff. Yeah, but will it work with my GBA?

Wired News: Pictures of every mile of the California coastline, 500 feet at a time. Wow.

Motley Fool Post of the Day: Response to BusinessWeek MegaEurope article. Oooooh. Bitter. It may be decadent, but 30 days of vacation a year is reeeeally nice. (Here's the original BW page.)

PDABuzz: New PalmOS Licensees coming soon. (I wonder who the suckers are?)

Wired News: Laptops Not Yet Maine-Stream. Okay, so they have to learn to use the iBooks. Give 'em a chance! At least they have them!

Blogzilla: dhtml/css happy terrific fun. Woooaaaaah. I'll say.

If I run across any more, I'll post 'em here tonight. I wonder if I'm an Information Addict?


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