This guy must not read my blog...

I found this post highly amusing:

In my quest to hone my attention span to the scantest functional minimum, I find that most weblog entries are just too verbose. I call upon webloggers to please place a higher value on brevity, parsimony, and succinctness.

Related to but not really consistent with the above, I wonder if we might arrive at some metadata convention for email messages which contain nothing but one or more URLs, forwarded without comment, except, perhaps, for a pithy subject line. For example, why are you sending this to me? Is it safe for work? What's the subject matter? We could adopt the FARK scheme as a standard ("Amusing," "Boobies," "Dumbass," "Scary," etc.).

UFL: URL FARKup Language.

Well, all I can say is that even though this weblog is not super concise, at least you get what you paid for (bandwidth) on this site: According to Raible, All of 53% of this blog is pure text baby. Yeah! ;-)


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