Ahh.... Where was I?

" ... Linux tablet pcs, responses to my UI rant, cool thoughts on leaky abstractions, neat thoughts on finding the next killer app (I read three great ones so far), cool Struts tools and neat wireless websites."

Oh yeah. Okay, let me catch up. I'll be succinct.

Okay - I want the Linux tablet, even though it's a bit uglier than the MS ones... it does what I want and it's cheap. I'm still kicking myself for not buying that $600 close out a week or so ago.

The leaky abstractions article was awesome. But you knew that by now...

I would be remiss if I didn't point out David Watson's exellent and in depth response to my UI rants. Thanks David!

Wednesday was Henri's Birthday. Happy Birthday Henri! My favorite Floyd is "Wish you were here".

Everyone talking about IntelliJ IDEA. You know that it costs $600(!!!!), right? Soon to go up to $700. I get 80% of its features in Eclipse for $0. I like IDEA and 3.0 looks incredible, but it just can't win from a price/performance standpoint.

Patrick and James have both responded to my comments recently. I was going to link right to the comments, but it's better if you just read their whole weblog instead. Lots of good info.

In another of those great "blogging a fleeting thought" moments, my quick comment on finding the next Killer App seemed to pique some interest. I saw a post just now which basically said "remember Napster". That's exactly what I was thinking about too. Napster is, in my mind, the latest killer app. The fact that I can go buy a CD-player with MP3 capabilities from Sony is directly due to Napster. An application that some college kid whipped up in his dorm room changing the way a giant like Sony makes its goods is almost the definition of a killer app. The most amazing thing is that it was an app that used the internet, but you had to download and install it. This is during 1999 when everyone was saying that client apps were dead. The next app will come from somewhere you won't even be thinking about.

I probably should get some work done while I'm here... More later (as always).


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