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Hiptop Nation Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Hiptop Nation is a blog forDanger's Hiptop owners. They recently had a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Smartmobs blogs about it and one of the members of one of the teams has written a paper about it.

Teams, games, wireless devices, photos. Cool stuff for blogs moving forward.


We have a lot of different wireless devices in Japan that let you take pictures and email them. We should try to think of some cool games too.

[Joi Ito's Web ]

This is very very cool. I haven't really given a lot of thought to the Sidekick because it's not trying to be a "standard" like MS, Palm or Symbian, but it seems pretty cool. Here's a quote from one of the links above:

On Halloween, October 31 2002, Hiptop Nation sponsored a photo-scavenger hunt competition across the US. Participants were users of the Hiptop Nation blog site who were placed into competing teams, and participants coordinated their actions as well as acquired and uploaded photographs across the US exclusively via their Sidekick wireless devices. The hunt lasted for 24 hours.

The author of this paper participated as a member of one of the teams (Team Raven), and witnessed firsthand the evolution of an unorganized and homogeneous wirelessly-connected group of people (smart mob) into a highly motivated and organized group of team members with very common goals and flexible roles (wireless community of practice).

Awesome stuff. The mobile revolution is coming.


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