Python Vs. Java

Victor is on a serious Python kick lately... here's his latest:

Java vs Python comparision

Read on ZopeZen: �Comparisons of Zope and Cocoon and Python and Java�. Thumbs up for Zope (vs Coocoon), not so good for Python (vs Java).

Python does look good... and the comparision between it and Java seems pretty fair to me, though it's a bit religious on the Java side. I'd like to get more into Python, but it's an either/or proposition for me right now. I'm trying to study for various Java certifications, internalize Design Patterns and UML and grok a large chunk of the APIs that are out there right now for J2EE development. If you add in a disparate tech like Python, my brain will explode. It'll just ooze out my ears and pop my eyes out of my sockets.

Anyways, if it's getting better as fast as the article says, it will be better for me to wait a few months until I've got all this down and then dive into it then. ;-)


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