Tanker Sinks


The oil tanker off the Western coast of Spain sunk this morning with 70,000 tons of oil in it. According to this ABC News article this is twice the amount that was in the Exxon Valdez.

This area of Spain is called Galicia and it's incredibly beautiful with amazing seafood. This is where a large majority of Spain gets its fish and shellfish... and Christmas is usually a big time of year for these foods... it's going to be a long Winter for anyone in the fish business. Update: According to this article in El Mundo the fisherman are going to receive 30� a day from the local government in compensation for lost work...

It's in Spanish, but El Mundo also has a Flash presentation which shows where the boat was coming from and (supposedly) going to (Gilbralter), what happened to the boat and the areas of the coast that are at risk. Click the little arrows in the top right of the graphic to move along the presentation. It's well done.

I have some pics of the coast I took on a trip there in 2000... I'll find them in a bit.


Much later: I found the pics. The problem was that when I moved servers, my original Scrapbook app that uses the DB wasn't updated. Doh! Here's a few nice ones: a,b,c.

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