Goin' to the Circus


I mentioned this below, but it deserves it's own post. I'm going to see Cirque du Soleil tonight! I've been trying to see one of their shows for years, but never could get my act together enough to go. Finally, when I saw a billboard for them a few weeks ago, I called Ana and asked her to get tickets for us. It's amazingly popular - only three days after they went on sale, the only show we could get was on a Tuesday and not anywhere near the front. No biggie, it doesn't seem like a very big theater setup, so it should be fine if we're not behind a pole or something.

I've heard this is their first show and not nearly as dream-like and tripped out as their later shows, but I'm not worried. I know that Niel and someone else in blog space are going to see a show soon too... we'll have to compare notes after.


And afterwards: Obviously it was great. Very cool - totally lived up to my expectations. The only problem was some of the music which sometimes was like listening to outtakes from the St. Elmo's Fire movie soundtrack (lots of reverbed guitar and saxophone), however, we bought the CD anyways and it doesn't seem nearly as cheesy, which is nice. I'm ripping it now to listen at work tommorrow... Hmmmm CDDB couldn't find it? Anyways, the juggler rocked and the acrobats on bungie cords made my night. Ana was a bit perturbed because the woman next to her with her family was crying all through the second half. Who knows for what reason - I'm assuming she just broke up with her boyfriend or something stupid like that since her parents didn't seem too upset. But she just watched stone faced blowing her nose and dabbing her eyes. People are so weird sometimes.

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