Ben's My Hero

From David Watson a few days ago:

Benjamin Franklin on PBS

People who know me well know that I barely passed most of the history courses that I've been exposed to over the years and I readily admit that it's not a particularly compelling subject to me. It comes as a surprise then that I was compelled to watch (without distraction) the Ben Franklin piece on PBS. The second bit is on tomorrow night and I'm gonna try and catch that too. It's fascinating. I have to admit, NPR's coverage is what compelled me to turn it on, particularly the way they projected the future onto Franklin by saying he'd have been a dot commer and open source supporter. Hmm...

Ben is my hero and has been since I was a little boy and got a Ben Franklin Story comic book for Christmas one year. I'm kinda bummed that I don't have any way to see this biography on PBS.

I guess I'll have to make due with this report on All Things Considered on NPR.


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