More MiniBlogs

Woohoo! A couple more MiniBlogs out in the wild. I got this email this morning from Roger:

Hi Russell,

I like the look of you site and therefore decided to use your blog software for my new site ( The site covers Systems Biology. I am also a Java developer, and appreciate your site and the other "'s".

Thanks for releasing the code!

Roger McIntosh
Scotts Valley, California (home of Borland)

The site looks very cool! It never dawned on me that the image in the top left could be a site icon too, though I've referred to my own head as being that way before. Cool beans. Thanks for the note Roger! Like I emailed you, I'll be adding the enhancements I've made to the code online ASAP.

In addition to Roger's MiniBlog is also Spike's GeekBlog which I saw and added to my blogroll a week or so ago but forgot to mention. Looks like Spike's adding good content already. Nice.

Awesome. It's not Roller, but I'm the proud papa of six MiniBlogs (that I know of Victor, Pedro, Jan, SpicySquid, Jan, Roger and Spike) and Grandfather of 3 or 4 PersonalBlogs! Wooohoo! That's fun.


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