Babies Pretty Much Rule

My son Alex is just over 6 months old and for the past few weeks he hasn't been happy lying or sitting. He always wants to be on his feet. But he hasn't figured out how to sit on his own yet, so you have to grab him and pop him up on his feet and he stands. Quite steadily, holding on to your fingers for support, sometimes even only one hand... It's pretty neat.

But this morning I'm playing with him on his blanket on the floor and my wife asks if I've seen his "pasitos". Huh? What's a pasito? Steps... little steps. WHAT? (Again, Alex is ONLY 6 months old) Sure enough, Ana shows me - she gets behind him and holds him up standing then starts to move forward and he starts lifting his legs like the leader of a marching band, walking forward! I couldn't believe it! The kid can't sit up on his own yet and has trouble rolling over both ways, but has decided he wants to start marching! Soooo cute! He's definitely getting the paparazzi treatment when I get home tonight - camera and video.

Babies are pretty fun. By coincidence, David Johnson also agrees. ;-)


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