Gizmodo Rules #3

I think I've written how much I love Gizmodo before, but let me restate it. A few weeks ago the site had an article about a $70 DVD player on Amazon with free shipping, so I grabbed immediately it and sent it to my parents. That model was pretty cool - it plays DVDs, CDs, MP3s, V-CDs and more. This may seem like a nice thing for me to do for my parents, but it was completely mercenary. My brother and I will now have NO problems trying to find Christmas presents for my parents: DVDs are it for the next few years. I told my brother he owes me $35 too, which he'll never pay, but it's always nice to have your brother owing you cash.

Yes, these posts seem non-sequitir most of the time, but here's why I thought of this. Gizmodo just posted ANOTHER Amazon DVD deal! This time it's $69!! with free shipping (it was $10 cheaper yesterday)! And THIS one plays European DVDs! Damn, all the more useful to me (I could send them DVDs from here, we could share, etc.) Oh well.

But you? Go get it!

$59.99 DVD player from Amazon

amazondvd.jpg For just today only, Amazon is selling the Norcent DP300 DVD player for $59.99, with free shipping included. And even though it's a budget DVD player, the DP300 does have one cool feature: it can convert PAL signals to NTSC, enabling it to play region-free DVDs from the UK.


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