Snowboarding in Bend

Floating Mountain

Bend, Oregon

Russell says he's heading to Bend, Oregon next weekend. Cool! I went to high school in Salem, Oregon and a bunch of my friends lived in Bend after college. Julie and I have visited Bend a few times, and it's a really nice mountain town. It's kinda like Denver, but a lot smaller (but growing rapidly). They get 300 days of sunshine a year (like Denver) and have a great micro-brewery. Everytime I've been there, I've wanted to move there. It's got great skiing too! But then again, Russ may not like it since he hates the cold and it was 15 degrees (F) this morning!

[Matt Raible]

Yeah, very cool! I actually had JUST seen that picture earlier this evening because my new boss suggested that I might want to go skiing on my extra day on Sunday after I arrive on Saturday... I told him that I was a snowboarder and he said he was too, so he might take me out to the mountain! During the conversation he mentioned Mt. Bachelor's website so I checked it out. Very sunny indeed.

It didn't dawn on me that it would be cold in the town too. DOH! Thanks for the tip, Matt!


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