Wow! The Atlassian guys came up with the goods - from Mike's weblog:

OK - is ready to beta test, and we brought it in an hour under the time frame, it must be some sort of miracle.

What is it? Basically a replacement for the Java and J2EE Weblogs list - that grew out of hand as feature-itis took over. Each blogger can add their own blog, and decide if they want it aggregated (ie the content will show up), searchable (ie the content is indexed and can be searched), both or neither. We tried to leave all the power in the bloggers hands (blogging is after all a decentralised medium!).

The search function is especially useful, and will be more so over time I think! (Forgot where you heard about AOP? Try searching for it) You can also get an OPML feed of all the blogs now (which lots of people have asked for), and the RSS feed of new blogs is updated in real time.

There's a million other features we want to add (personalisation, group moderation, some sort of statistical / intelligent filtering, keyword categorisation, SOAP API, hot entries, popular searches etc), but I think we've got a good start so far. Feedback? Either email me or just comment on this post!

HELL of a job guys (or is it just your work, Mike?). Way to get your crap together and a good looking and useful site up! It's really, really nice. I'm happy I didn't buy that domain now (I had my credit card out at one point) because this site is perfect. Rock on!

The Java.blogs page from Mike's site wasn't imported into the new site, so go over and sign up ASAP if you're a JavaBlogger.


Later... Wow. Java.Blogs is already a kick-ass success with over 50 blogs registered and 500+ posts aggregated in several hours. I was #10, so I can't believe how fast it's caught on. GREAT WORK MIKE!

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