Thanksgiving Redux


Mmmmm boy! Today went just as planned! After I got home from work, we walked down to the Friday's which is behind Real Madrid's stadium and because we arrived early - around 7:30 - we only had to wait a few minutes for a seat (the non-smoking section exists, but is a bit small). The Turkey Dinner wasn't as good as I remember it (of course) but the Pumpkin Pie was pretty damn good. While we were there, my (current but ex) boss from work came in with his wife, which was very amusing. They were going to try to roast some turkey legs at home that they found (it's a bit difficult to find a whole turkey here), but I guess just decided to forget it and take my advice. I hope they liked it since they live well outside the center of town!

After we came home, we got Alex ready for bed. He was great through the whole dinner, despite being a bit on the noisy side in the restaurant. Then we sat down and watched the DVD and it was as amusing as always. "I want a fucking car, right fucking now."

On the way home from work, I called my parents from the bus and my mother threatened me with disownership and dismemberment (well almost) if I didn't get some recent pics of Alex up on the web, especially after I told her about him "walking" the other day (she doesn't read my blog, apparently). I just posted a bunch from the last few weeks, the pic at the top is from tonight's dinner. Alex's big doey eyes are pretty easily red-eyed, so I'm going to have to find some software to help correct that...

Okay, off to bed. Hope your holiday was as good as mine!


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