1968 Mouse Video

I've read about this site more than a couple times over the years, but I never got around to checking it out. It's AMAZING. Four years before I was born, Doug Engelbart was using a mouse to control his computer at Standford University, and he's got it all on this incredible video. I can't believe I waited this long to check it out. It's incredible - the stuff we all do today without thinking about was just being invented and you can see it happen. In some way it's sort of like a real-life Austin Powers where they're talking about "some day it could be possible that everyone had a reliable workstation that they worked on all day."

Check out the vids here. There's a bunch of RealVideo movies made from the original 90 minute film shot in 1968... This is Doug demoing a Word Processing app, complete with mouse, etc. There's others too including hypertexting and outlining. Just nuts.

In some ways, 34 years later we haven't come very far... it makes you wonder what kick-ass stuff is being developed right now in Universities and corporations right now that in another few decades will be common as hell...

Along these lines, Triumph of the Nerds is on TV right now in Spanish. I love that show - it always gives me the Entrepenurial Chills when I see it. ;-)


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