Coding Conventions Continued...

Cedric thinks I'm being too emotional about this subject in my last comments. This made me laugh, but I was so worried that he might actually think that, that I'm stopping my death march at work to respond.

This issue is yet another "toilet paper roll" argument: clockwise or counter-clockwise. I don't take it seriously at all... that's what I meant by "fun" and "wading in" because it's a nice chance to get out my opinions and frustrations with code that I have to deal with on a daily basis. That we ALL have to deal with. I don't believe that what I write here is going to change how people write their code one iota... so I might as well get it all out there. It's cleansing. Some people will agree and feel that they're not alone, others will wonder what drugs I'm on, or medication I'm not taking. That's okay. It's just the way I write. It's fun.

But let me state for the record that I'm rarely beat-red with bulging-eyes smashing down at the keyboard as I howl at the moon and curse the evil-doers who for example use "Impl" in their code or do any other thing I'm ranting about. Okay? Everyone? (See the smile in the pic to the left? That's me. My wife is constantly asking me what I'm chuckling about as I write...)

That said. I've seen some more comments on this subject. Others loathe the I as much as I hate Impl's... So I guess that's not a solution. Much of this problem comes form "interface-oriented programming" where every class you write "needs" to have an interface associated with it, regardless of whether you're using that interface for any other classes. I'm not particularly sure why, but in my code RIGHT NOW I'm working on "" which is the implementation of "" interface. Why? God I have no idea. I just inherited it. I assume it's because some day they want to add different types of Reports some day. Not today... but "some day" which goes back to my Patterns rant yesterday.

Doing this type of programming is the main cause of Impl and IMHO (or maybe I should spell that out: In My HUMBLE Opinion) just adds more cruft to your code.

Okay, so if I is hellish and Impl is devil spawn too, what's another solution? If someone wants to avoid reading rants, come up with a brand new solution to this dilema!

By the way, I always put my rolls with the paper hanging towards the outside. It's easier to grab that way.


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