Free As In Beer doesn't work

Well, if you're giving away software, maybe. But if you're giving away services, there's ALWAYS a point in which the beer runs out and the party's over.

Check Those Stats

If you haven't checked the FreeRoller statistics lately, perhaps you should. FreeRoller responded to 702015 requests for the month of November! I think we should break a million requests per month within a couple of months.

What does this mean? A few things:

  • The developers of Roller have done a fine job of improving its reliability and continue to add exciting new features.
  • People like to blog. :-)
  • People like to read other peoples' blogs.
  • Bandwidth costs are going up. :-(

Thus, to all FreeRoller users out there, if you haven't already please consider donating now to help support FreeRoller. A one time donation is appreciated, a monthly subscription is even better. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed as well. Every little bit is appreciated.

As a self-proclaimed Java zealot, I would love to see FreeRoller grow and surpass some of the other weblogging services out there.

Anthony Eden
FreeRoller Administrator

If any service you're now using has the word "free" in the title, is promoted as "FREE!" or any other such wonderfulness, definitely don't take it for granted because it's not going to be there for long. That's why public radio says "listener supported radio" and not "FREE PUBLIC SERVICE", 'cuz it ain't. Someone's gotta pay.

This would be a hint to those using (or reading?) FreeRoller to get their paypal accounts warmed up.


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