Is This a Joke?

I got this in my email just now... A Wireless ASP in Miami?!?! It's a joke. I gotta believe someone's pulling my leg. Someone's got money down somewhere on how long I stay at my new gig, and this is just temptation. (Torture, actually).


Hi Russell A. Beattie, how are you? Please take a look at this position and let me know if you would be interested and if your background is in line with the position requirements...if not please let me know if you can refer someone who might be a fit...we have the best referral bonus in the industry... The candidate must have at least 4 yrs J2EE, JAVE exp...and 2+yrs Wireless

The co. is in Miami but the mother company is in Brazil, they have over 200mill in the bank ...also please let me know if you would be interested in moving to Miami...



Software Architect/ Designer

Job description

The candidate will be responsible for the architectural design and development of the Company wireless applications targeted for the consumer market.

The Company is a leading W-ASP and has developed a Wireless Portal and a set of entertainment and community applications, based on Java, SMS, EMS and WAP technology, which support the provision of services to the Latin America market. The Company is now expanding its activities in the USA and is building a software development group in Miami.

The candidate will:

- evaluate the software design of the Company current applications, suggesting ways to improve scalability and performance by exploiting his experience in software optimization techniques;

- define an architectural solution to integrate different applications and services;

- define the architectural evolution of the Company's Portal, design and develop new applications, implement prototypes incorporating multimedia messaging and location based technologies;

The candidate is expected to participate hand-on in software development activities and will work closely with Marketing and Product Development in projects of domestic and International scope.

Requirements The candidate has at least 8 years of experience in object oriented software design and development, with a Master degree in Computer Science or related technical/scientific discipline. The candidate started his/her career as a software developer and progressed to higher responsibility positions as group leader, software designer and software/application architect.

The following is required:

- extensive hand-on experience in design and development of server side Internet and/or wireless applications, using Java, J2EE, BEA WebLogic and Oracle technology;

- experience on software optimization techniques, to build carrier grade, highly scalable, high performance systems;

- in-dept knowledge of object-oriented processes and methodologies (such as RUP, UML);

- ability to conceive and design architectural solutions based on a variety of technologies and platforms, including wireless portals, voice portals, LBS middleware and MMS. Specific experience in developing entertainment and community applications (such as games, chat, picture messaging) based on SMS, EMS and WAP is strongly preferred. Excellent verbal and written skills are required, together with availability to overseas transfers.

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