Next question: What am I forgetting?

Urgh! Tomorrow is a holiday and I'm here at work wrapping up, but I have a zillion things to do before I get on a plane.

Urgh. My list is huge and I can't concentrate! Why does there need to be a holiday tomorrow!?!? All the shops will be closed and I can't get the crap I need to (deoderant, for example, I ran out this morning). Blah!

You know... The last time I was in the U.S. was June 2001 for a week... it seems like a long time ago. When I left in April of 2000, Bill Clinton was President, the Nasdaq was above 4,500 and I could bring tweazers in my carry-on. I've been home for sort times twice since then. It's going to be a head trip coming back to "Bush Country". Do they give you anal probes at the border now and you have bow down and pledge fealty to Ashcroft and his dark lord before you're allowed to enter?

ARGGH... You know something else? My wife and I have slept apart twice since I met her. And one of those was our wedding night. A week away from her and Alex SUUUUUUUCKKS. Bleh. Life in the fast lane.

One other thing, I got a haircut last night to look good for the new job and of course there was a miscommunication (you could see it coming) and I'm almost bald again. My new coworkers are going to wonder what sort of freak they hired. #1 on the list: A hat. It's going to be chilly in the mountains.

As long as I remember batteries for my Gameboy I'll be okay...

Back to my XSL Transforms now...


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