Sumo Rocks

A quick thought as I'm up late burning and watching Sumo wrestling on EuroSport. Sumo ROCKS! I need to get up in like 4 hours and I can't figure out if it'll be better to try to sleep and get up, or stay up straight through.

Okay, so I already said Sumo rocks. I may have blogged about this before, but I don't care. If you haven't checked it out, you should. It's just awesome. I pick the biggest guy with the coolest icon and he usually wins, unless his record is already 3-12 or something, then I go for the little quick guy who'll cut the big guy's legs out from under him. Sumo ROCKS. It's just PURE competition. Two guys, one ring. Push 'em down or push 'em out. One chance only - no three times you're out baloney. A hell of a lot easier to understand than Judo. What am I saying, I STILL have no real idea of how Judo works. Sumo is just pure, gorgeous competition. I am sooooo going to see a live match in Japan someday.

That's it from Madrid. I'll try to find an airport net terminal and blog from the road just to be a TOTAL geek. ;-)


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