Dominic left a comment on my last post:

I would like to hear how the U.S. compares to Europe wrt work atmosphere and also just general social differences that you have picked up on since you are back.

The differences are insane. There's too many to even start relating. I'm just starting now in my third day here to calm down and just go with it. If I just erase from my mind the last 2-3 years of my life, then everything here is normal otherwise I'm definitely feeling caught between two worlds. I know it sounds ridiculously melodramatic, but I've always been a bit susceptible to culture shock. I see too many details and that's where the main differences are, in the details. Both the U.S. and Europe have cars, electricity, toilets, coffee, television, phones, computers, paperwork, restaurants, hotels, etc. If you keep looking at everything from a macro level you're fine. It's when you can't stop your brain from noticing the details is when you get nuts.

I'd love to go into those details, but I can't right now. Posts will be short this week. I can't post long from work and I don't have connectivity at the hotel... bleh.


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