Digging WiFi

I had to do it... it cost $7 and I'm only going to be here for another 20 minutes, but I had to test out my new WiFi card! Ya!

I'm getting into Madrid at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Ugh. Long flight ahead and I don't think I have an aisle seat. BLLEEEEH!

Hey, this is my first mobilog! How cool is that.


Later... disappointingly, Erik isn't online. But that's not surprising since he's somewhat of a vampire. My Mom and my friend Chris, however, were online. Chris lives in San Francisco, but is on business in D.C. and is connecting wirelessly too, but via Sprint's ISDN line available anywhere there's a cellular connection. Wild.

I LOVE this wireless stuff!

P.S. I got anal probed by airport security again. Fucking dickheads. This time they did it at check in and went through my entire luggage, repacking it themselves. I'm sure 1/2 the stuff in it is going to be broken when I get home.

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