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WiFi News has a new forum that was lauched in conjuncion with his new book. If anyone wants to post an answer to my question I just posted, that would be great:


I have two laptops and I wanted to get them to connect via WiFi, so I just bought two Netgear MA401 wireless network cards at Staples (they have a rebate offer which makes them about $35 apiece) and installed them on my laptops.

I've played with everything I can find, but they won't find each other. Specifically, I've changed the Network Mode to "802.11 Ad-hoc (Computer-to-Computer)" on both computers and played around with the channels and TX rates. No joy.

Any ideas? I tested out one of the cards at SeaTac and it worked perfectly, so I assume it has something to do with the setup. Any tips, faqs or other help would be appreciated.



We'll see what happens... doesn't seem to be a popular forum just yet. ;-) Maybe Glenn'll see it and help me out. ;-)


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