WiFi Goodness

Yah! Thanks to Dave Cramer who left the answer to my WiFi problem in my comments and to Glenn who confirmed it on his website, I'm up and running using WiFi at home! Woohoo! I'm posting this via my easy chair 12 feet away from my desk and ADSL connection.

There are some weird problems with Microsoft Networking. I haven't been able to get MSN Messenger to work or get the VPN to my office in Oregon working either (thus no joy for Outlook... what a POS).

I'm actually using posting this using TightVNC from my work computer to my home computer where all my favorites are, etc. There's a little lag, but not much. It's definitely usable. I'll probably do most of my browsing from this laptop and use VNC to control my home machine.

In case you're wondering why I didn't buy an access point, it's because Telefonica has provided ADSL using a Windows-only USB modem. (Those of you reading my blog for a while know all about that pain.)

Okay, woohoo! I'm so COMFORTABLE here!


Later... Okay, MSN Messenger is up and running and my VPN to Bend also. Woohooo! Now whether I wacked all the stuff they did at work to get my system up on their netowork (WinSock proxy), that's another thing. ;-)

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