Swing Sightings 12


Okay, so I'm about 2 weeks late with this, but I didn't see anyone else post it either! Swing Sightings 12 is up on the Sun web site.

There aren't as many projects this time around... Maybe everyone's doing SWT dev? (heehee) But there are a couple of interesting links, including one that sorta bummed me out: Inview Software's Momentum. It's sort of a JXTA-based Groove, where you can share documents, etc. in a P2P way. I'm bummed because my project that's been on the drawing board for, oh, let's see.. 5 months now? was called Momentum also. I guess I could call it the same thing, but that's no fun. Hmmm. Going back to my "buzzwords" file, I guess I can still use "reverb" or "playspace" or most aptly: "vapor".

Hmmm... I just had a thought! Where's Spaces!?!? Diego will have to submit it for the next time around.


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