Merry Christmas


Well, it's almost over, but I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I had a very relaxing long weekend. I got 300 pages into Cryptonomicom and several levels into Yoshi's Island on my Gameboy. We ate a ton and basically just hung out with the fam. I'm slowly influencing my Spanish in-laws with American holiday stuff like Candy Canes, chocolate chip cookies and the Charlie Brown Christmas CD of Vince Giraldi Music. All unknown before I made my debut a few years ago.

We got back to our little home today around 7 p.m. - gosh it's good to be home - and flipped on the webcam so my parents could see their grandson open up his bounty of goodies. Lots of LeapFrog stuff... Definitely buy that company's stock!

Anyways, so now it's dark in the house and Alex and Ana are fast asleep and I'll be too soon. Maybe a couple more chapters and some CNN, then off to bed. I hope everyone had a great holiday!


Later... I decided to post all the photos for my parents! You're invited to check them out too! Alex is adorable, isn't he? I like this one of me: Russ and his GameBoy. Look at that concentration!

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