Boggling at Moores Law

Oof... today is going slowly. I'm at work trying to get back into it. The week before last was really long, so I was really enjoying my time off. Yowza. Wot's all this "java" stuff again? Just kiddin'...

Actually... the prelim ruling on MS vs Sun was surprising to me. Imagine the cool stuff you could do if you KNEW that JDK 1.4 was on every Windows installation out there? A coworker of mine is writing shareware for Mac OSX using Java because he knows it's already installed and it makes incredibly useful apps really small.

What more. It's quiet here in the office. I was over at the Sun installation for a while at one of their iForce centers here in Madrid. BIG-ASS IRON cranking away at the app we're working for benchmarking. I've never played with numbers so big before (I'm just a programmer, not a systems guy). I'm working with Terabytes for the first time and it's mind-blowing. Man, I had a 10 Megabyte hard drive when I was in college and thought it was the best thing ever. I still remember having lots of space for whatever I needed on my Mac 512k floppy in high school and however small the 5 1/4" disks were on my Apple IIe.

Yep. Gettin' old. ;-)


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