Ben and Jerrys to Donate to Galicia


Yeah! Ana just sent this news item to me (it's in Spanish) about B&J's helping out with the oil disaster that's struck Galicia, the region in the North West of Spain. Last Friday, they had a "An Ice-Cream for Galicia" offer where 25% of the sales here in Spain went to help the clean up efforts. Very cool.

The article says that Ben and Jerry's has eight ice-cream shops here, but I seriously doubt it. They probably mean that they carry B&J's ice cream (which is still great news, actually) which is why only 7 of the 8 participated. Still, Ben and Jerry's rocks, even if it's owned by Unilever now.




I AM COMPLETELY WRONG! They DO have eight scoop shops here! Wow! Where the HELL have I been! Starbucks and now a B&Js! I don't have to go home ever now!

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