Screen Flipper

So I'm in the bathroom, reading the web, because I have WiFi now, and I can. It's not particularly comfortable, however, balancing a ~6 lb laptop on your hand, keyboard down, mousing with the free hand while you're on the throne. I wish I had a Tablet PC.

However, as I was there, thinking about it, I flipped the computer on its side - like a tablet as sort of wishful thinking. Now the computer was basically the size of a largish-magazine and a lot more comfortable. If you do it so that the keyboard is on the left, you can reach the arrow keys with your thumbs so it might actually be quite practical. There is some glare problems from the LCD which is lighted to be read wide-screen, but I think I could deal.

So that's when I did a lookup on the web and found Portrait Displays, Inc. and they have a trial version you can download and try... we'll see how it works out. I wonder if they have any idea that a contingent of their prospective buyers want to read their laptops in the bathroom more comfortably?

Hmmm, but does anyone know of anything free?


P.S. In case you were wondering, I posted this from the comfort of my easy chair after I got out of the bathroom. In case you were feeling a bit dirty after reading this or something... Like George Castanza in the bookstore.

Later... nope. Didn't work. And I had to boot in Safe Mode in order to wack the install, bleh.

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