Oops, almost lost a Saturday

Hello! It's a good thing I posted late last night (like tonight) otherwise I wouldn't have had a post for Saturday. That would have been horrible! ;-)

We had a nice day today - woke up late, then went out with Ana and Alex to the big department store here El Corte Ingl�s so Ana could get her hair done (she starts her new job on Thursday) and so we could look around and spend our winnings from "El Gordo": $100 apiece. Woohoo! This time she's the one who went well over her budget buying a new purse and shoes and I only bought another $40 GBA game: Advance Wars. I've been coveting this for a while, so I figured I'd get it and be done with the craving. Then we came home and I hung out with the little guy while Ana went and spent some of her points I bought her for Christmas at a local "Aroma Therapy/Facial/Massage" place. She came home shiny and happy and beaming. Nice. Gotta love gifts that work.

I now have entirely too many "fun" things to do. I want to finish the novels I bought in the U.S. which now means the 900 page Cryptonomicon monster and play with my new GBA games. AND I want to start getting into all those Symbian/C++ books I bought at the beginning of December as well as work on the neato blogging stuff like the UPP. Since I've also started a new job I have about 150 different pieces of documentation to go over which I'm definitley not going to be able to do during working hours, you could say that unless I find some way to not sleep I'm pretty much screwed. Oh, and don't forget my addiction to blogging... Now THERE's a hobby that definitely got out of control.

Anyways, someday I'll learn how to spend holiday time where I "shut off" rather than adding more things to do to my life...


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