Wireless MP3 Magic


And along these MP3 lines, Gerhard has caught the wireless bug and is looking to "wire" up his stereo with some Bluetooth goodness:

Wireless hype hits moi

This wirless hype catched me too!

My plans:

  • Buying an old Laptop at eBay.
  • Integrate it in my hi-fi system as MP3 player, with some kool desktop backgrounds and ScreenSavers.
  • Connect this baby to my shared MP3 filesystem (> 1000 mp3 files) via Bluetooth (Blauzahn on German :->).
  • Playing MP3s over this connection.


This stuff is great. Right now it's a lot of home-brew setups like this, but it's going to be everywhere soon. All these cables are going to disappear.

Actually - now that Alex is starting to become mobile (he's squirming now... he looks like a little human Scrat reaching for his toys) I'm starting to get worried about the cables strung here and there and everywhere all over the apartment. A lot of these are power, so I need to consolidate and hide, but others are for my computer or the TV/stereo which could all disappear quite nicely with wireless.

You'll have to post pictures once you get it set up, Gerhard!


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