New Year's Review

Okay, since I started blogging regularly (or shortly thereafter) I've been reviewing my blog at the end of the month so I can wonder what the hell I was thinking, read stuff I may have skimmed earlier, remember cool stuff I may have immedialy forgotten and in general berate myself for another month gone by where I wasn't as productive as I need to be. Welcome to the mania of Russell Beattie.

Now it's the end of the year and it seems like a good time to go back and review everything since I started blogging around the time Alex was born. That's just about 8 months of daily thoughts online. I wish I had a decent printer because I'd like to print it ALL out - all 1477 posts, not including this one (select count(*) from miniblog) - and go off to a nice corner and dwell on my own thoughts and navel gaze over the past year for a while.

Instead I'm going to start now and go over the thoughts I had online (via WiFi from the comfort of my IKEA easy-chair) and keep an editor open to write down my thoughts, recursively blogging the experience.

Stay tuned...


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