Ericsson: TelecomTV


The future of mobile phones is hosting a fascinating Windows Media Video presentation on the future of the mobile phone market. There are some nice shots of the P800, of course, in which the P800 plays what looks to be very smooth video content. In the video the idea is presented that mobile phones already do, and will finally conquer the market of mobile electronics, subsuming other devices like PDAs and MP3 players. Here are some stats: 1 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone. Last year in Europe Internet businesses netted 256 million euro while wireless content providers raked in 600 million euro. Mobile phones are getting more and more powerful, and Ericsson looks to be right on top. The video is definitely worth ten minutes, so check it out at

Very interesting with some good shots of the P800, which is winning me over from the Nokia 3650. I just love the size of its screen and the fact it runs PersonalJava.


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