Nokia PDFs

I sent ANOTHER comment to Nokia about their website ( It's really annoying that almost all the content on their website is provided only in PDF format, and almost all require some sort of click-through license to view, no matter how trivial. Not only that, but the PDFs are usually copy-protected so I can't copy and paste even the sample code contained in the documentation. How developer-unfriendly can you get?

You all know how much I loathe Microsoft, but their MSDN site is one of the best developer resources there is. The new isn't bad either and Apple is adding more information every day to their ADC (though their current web design doesn't scale... I expect a redesign soon from them). If Nokia wants to lead with Symbian and Series 60 development, they need to get off their ass (and Symbian too - their site is a complete joke) and create a place where I can easily get to the information I need to. Providing some online chat and 60 meg SDKs don't count.


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