I need to post about...

I'm doing work, but as thoughts pass through my brain, I want to blog them, but don't have time. Here's a reminder for later:

  • There's an unholy alliance of MiniBlog and Roller out there called geekblog.
  • Several more comments and work towards the UPP
  • P800 getting good and bad reviews and the Nokia 3650 may not have stereo support (aaarrghh!).
  • My review of last year's posts (I accidentally counted comments too... I didn't post 1400+ times, probably only 1/2 that)
  • My blog looks like shit on Internet Explorer, since there's still a bunch of lazy bums out there reading this blog on IE instead of switching to Mozilla, I guess I'll have to do something about it.

As I think of more I'll write them here.


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