I've been FOAFed

My oldest blog-buddy Jim sent me an email this morning:


Where's your foaf file? Ours are here:


Jim ;-)

Of course, my first reaction is that even though I've seen these on some blogs, I've been wondering what the point is. Honestly, I still am, but I'm not one to skip a meme... so one has been dutifully added to my left navbar.

By the way, you can generate your FOAF here. I had to Google for it, but FOAF's pretty unique. I was writing mine by hand for a sec, until I got to the hashed email address and said to myself "now, how the f**k do I do this?" Google is wise. Google knows all.

Jim also sent this after I said "Why do I need this again?":

http://rdfweb.org/foaf/ has the low-down, basically a neat way of relationship mapping, and the end result? I dunno. But there's already a few cool toys for playing with foaf files, I've got a couple of posts just before Xmas on FOAF, Ben has more...

And of course, Mark has some interesting thoughts too. Okay. My FOAF is published. Now... when something exciting happens, I'll tell you (don't hold your breath).



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