P800 Reviews


So there's been a couple reviews lately. It's still a mixed bag, as far as I can tell about whether or not to buy it. Lots of Pros and lots of Cons.

First, Alan gives his thoughts about the phone based on his daily use for the past few weeks. Lots of frustrations... But then a commenter pointed out this amazing review at OCWorkBench News with lots of pics, details, comparisions, etc. Very interesting reading. Also, there's a gallery of the phone too. Nice job all around on both reviews.

Nosing around the site, I came up on this article which talks about how Sony may be radically changing its Memory Stick architecture, which I already don't like because it's more expensive and holds less than the competition, but now may relegate the memory of the P800 to an immediately antiquated system. Right now it uses the 16 Meg Duo chip from Sony that's been stuck at 16 megs for months... that's a big black mark in my mind.

We'll see what happens... these smart phones cost a bundle, but I need one soon to start developing on. Hmmmmmm....


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