Nokia 7650 On Sale


Oof. I just got an offer from Telefonica Movistar, my mobile operator. I can go down and buy a Nokia 7650 for $360 right now. I'm completely twisted about it.

First, I want to say that it's an interesting marketing scheme they've got going - they sent me news of the offer via SMS. I could't believe my eyes. This is over $100 less than full price right now. Like I've said in the past, the telecoms are nuts to get people to use MMS, and I'm sure the price'll drop even more.

Okay, the second thing is that this is "cheaper" but not cheap. However, I really want a telephone to start developing on and I was talking to Ana the other day about whether we could afford a P800 - and the answer was no, at this time $1200 for the developer pack is way outside the bounds. But $360? Well, that I can do, I'm sure (I haven't talked to Ana yet... she's at work not answering her mobile - probably in a meeting).

And finally, the third thing is that the Nokia 3650 is coming out "in the first quarter" and though it'll be more expensive at first, it's SUCH a better phone that I'm really wondering whether I should buy the 7650 now or wait. Waiting is bad. The more I wait, the less time I have to start learning, playing and developing.

I have a three day weekend... it would be so awesome to spend the weekend with my phone creating the mobilogging site and using a real camera-phone to test it on. Very, very nice.

We'll see what I end up doing. I'm completely twisted with excitement.


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