Expat Bloggers Unite

I was just checking my referrers and noticed the Blogging Abroad page which lists a bunch of Expat Bloggers like myself. Very cool!

It's actually well done, with little flags of the nationalities of each blogger and the countries they're in now. I'm sure there's a lot more expat bloggers out there, though... hopefully the list'll grow. It'd be nice to see an OPML list of these blogs, or aggregated like JavaBlogs.com. I'll have to go through the list to see which ones I want to add to Russell's Blog Roll v2003.

Actually... this is Yet Another Cool Blog Idea. Just like JavaBlogs.com aggregates those bloggers who share a certain theme - there could be a site that allows bloggers to organize themselves like that. "bGroups.org" could provide the same services, if you think about it. Bloggers could go and sign themselves up for certain categories and then see pages aggregated for that group, download blogrolls, etc. Maybe this already exists?


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