Thanks Scott

Scott Loftesness is trying to torture me today. Here in Madrid it's grey, raining, cold and miserable yet back home it is of course wonderful:

One of those San Francisco weekends

Yesterday and today are reminders of why living in the San Francisco Bay Area can be so pleasant. Yesterday's temperatures were in the mid-60's and today's are likely to be even warmer with a bright sun shining in the sky. Oh sure, we have our problems but these are among the special days that make the difference.

Nice. WAAAAAAHHH! I wannaa gooo hooommeee!

Okay, I'm better now. Nice redesign, Scott. The pic is much more nicer than the Mystery Man photo from before. ;-)


P.S. The sad part is this: I moved to San Francisco in September 1996 and left in April 2000. That's just 3 years: 36 months, really. But subtract 8 months I lived in L.A. with my brother while subletting my apartment and another 3 months while I roamed around Europe and it's really only 25 months actually living in San Fran and 33 months in California. I've been in Madrid since April 2000, it's now January 2003. That's 2000: 8 months, 2001: 12 months, 2002: 12 months = 32 months here in Madrid. Wwwwaaaaaaahh. It's So. Very. Sad. Does this mean I have to start putting "home" in quotes? -R

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