California Water

Southern Califnornia uses too much water. They have for years and they've done little to conserve to change their ways instead increasing the sprawl with pools in every back yard and green-green lawns in front. Madrid's famous Retiro Park is a dirt bowl with little to no grass anywhere. It's ugly, but that's because the Spanish understand what water conservation is. My wife is constantly bitching at me to turn the water off while I brush my teeth, a lesson she learned while young. California should have the same sort of culture and lessons throughout, especially for counties like San Diego which has 3 million people and almost no local water supply.

That said, you cannot tell me that the Bush administration is not fucking California once again for not voting Republican in the last election. First Fuckhead looked the other way while Enron and the other electricity traders screwed California to the tune of billions of dollars manipulating a system that a Republic governor set up. And now they're shutting off the water from the Colorado river in an "unprecedented" move against California once again.

Fucking Republicans Suck.


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